Mesh Stick Wild Berry Tea

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One of the fruitiest and most delicious among the glamorous Mesh Stick family. With its fresh fruity taste and tempting aroma, the Wild Berry Tea leaves a pleasant and velvet feeling on the tongue, consumed whether hot or cold.

Forest fruits are a great source of health thanks to their vitamins and antioxidants rich content. They are one of the most versatile foods for anti-aging, toxin removal, illness prevention and weight loss. They are an excellent choice to take in the morning or mid-afternoon for a good dose of energy in the form of fructose, vitamins and of course minerals, and they convert the carbohydrates and fat that we store in our body to energy.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, rose hip, natural flavor, elderberry, apple, orange peel, cinnamon, stevia

Net weight: 32 gr.

Mesh Stick

The recipé

Brewing the best tasting cup of tea includes carefully steeping the tea leaves in a heated water.

As soon as the Mesh Stick contact with the hot water, the grains within the packaging starts steeping through 1150 fine filtering holes, carrying along its pleasing aroma and the irresistible taste.

  1. Place the Mesh Stick in a cup of (~200 ml) freshly boiled water.
  2. Yield to the tempting aroma for 3-to-5 minutes – stir occasionally.
  3. Take the stick out of the cup
  4. Enjoy the magnificent taste.

Mesh Stick products are manufactured in full compliance with European Union (EU) Regulation no 10/2011 and Turkish Standards 2005/34.

The packaging material is specifically manufactured for food consumption and tested under heavy duress to conform to the European Standards and Regulations 1935/2004/EC and 2023/2006/EC (GMP).

SRN Trading is an  authorized representative of Mesh Stick


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